Community Lab was born out of 10 years of experience in growing, nurturing and mobilizing communities.


We believe that leveraging community is the key to building purpose-driven brands, businesses and organizations.

Fueled with insights from ATÖLYE’s own community-powered model, Community Lab works closely with clients to identify their unique community proposition — and develops bespoke strategies to engage and empower customers, employees and stakeholders towards a shared purpose.


We help clients unlock the potential of their networks and communities, to create sustainable shifts in business.

Qatar Museums

Repurposing a Heritage District into a culture and production hub to catalyze Qatar’s creative economy, through its local community.

Rather than a group of tenants, Al Najadah was designed to be a fruitful ecosystem in which individuals and enterprises can exchange know-how and talent, learn from one another, and contribute to the local and global creative industries together.

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Crafting a community and programming strategy that inspires, engages, and connects a diverse set of participants.

Perspektif İstanbul is a community activation program designed by ATÖLYE and Today at Apple to celebrate the opening of Apple’s third retail location in Turkiye which is situated in the heart of Istanbul, on Bağdat Caddesi. The programming design focused on three main themes centered around the idea of engaging participants with technology and creativity through experiential sessions.

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Establishing a social impact platform for the 21st century.

imece is a social innovation platform bringing together an interdisciplinary community to create sustainable and innovative impact on social and environmental challenges, providing incubation services for entrepreneurs, and scaling collective capacity.

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Connecting creative business leaders and talent to pursue complex challenges

Neol, a sister company of ATÖLYE, is a platform connecting creative minds with bold, worthy challenges. They help build communities and encourage the viability of investing in ways to connect creative leaders and talent who are driven to pursue meaningful work.

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There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to community design.

Our community design process consists of three interconnected offerings that are fully customized based on the challenge at hand.

Community Strategy

Envision the right community for your organization.

What we offer

  • Community Strategy Co-Sensing Workshop
  • Curation & Engagement Strategy
  • Unique Community Proposition Framing
  • Business Modelling
Community Experience

Identify how best to activate and nurture your community.

What we do

  • Events, Rituals & Programming
  • Design & Roadmap
  • Member Journey Design
  • Spatial Design & Strategy
Community Operations & Management

Establish the systems for a healthy, resilient community.

What we do

  • Team Recruitment & Training
  • Member Management System
  • Tools & Channels Needs Assessment

Our own community is made up of creative practitioners and thought leaders who power and sustain our consultancy practice.

Community has always been a core part of ATÖLYE’s DNA and story. Our invite-only membership model continues to be a platform for our core team and diverse members to prototype, learn, and innovate while building meaningful, lasting connections. Together we’ve created value through mutual benefit, designed for change, and seen the real impact of being community-powered.




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